Student Testimonials

“I’ve often joked and said Bellydance is keeping me young, but it’s no joke! It helps! Dancing is my anti aging drug of choice. I don’t want to sit around doing nothing and dancing makes me happy. There’s something quite stress relieving about the exotic music too. It keeps my mind and body active, and, if I want, I get to wear gorgeous, glamorous costumes, and they look way more attractive than a “lawn bowler’s white dress”! Best of all, I’ve met some of the most wonderful women in class over these 6 years who will remain my friends for life.” – Helen

“Having danced with Ambyr for over 7 years, Belly Dance has definitely been a life changing hobby for me. As a young woman it really improved my confidence and self esteem, allowing me a safe environment to express femininity and balancing the overly male environment that studying IT had placed me in. Over the years it has given me greater flexibility, balance and an improved self awareness – both in dance and other physical activities. I have also found a fantastic group of women who have become more than class mates, they are truly some of my closest friends in the world. I recommend belly dance to anyone looking to engage with their feminine side more directly and improve their overall wellbeing while they’re at it.” – Dominique

“You have a bounce in your step, Sandra,” and those are the words I heard for the first time in a long time. Made me smile and made me wonder if I do have a bounce in my step, why? I recently started belly dance classes with Ambyr at Queensland Belly Dance after contemplating it for a very long time. Best thing I ever did! I look forward to my class every week. Makes me happy!” – Sandra

“Before bellydance I was extremely shy and fearful of new situations. I didn’t have much body confidence, hated exercise and didn’t socialise much. Going along to my first class was a huge step for me but really paid off. I made wonderful friends, came to appreciate my big hips instead of trying to hide them, and fell in love with the music and movement. It is hard to describe, but something kind of woke up in me, something great.” – Claire