Brisbane’s Most Exciting Professional Bellydance Troupe

The Sahara Dance Company features Queensland’s most exciting and experienced professional bellydancers.

As the professional bellydance troupe of Queensland Bellydance Academy, the Sahara Dance Company represents oriental and Middle Eastern folkloric dance with excellence, artistic flair, and cultural respect and awareness.

Sahara Dance Company members have trained under some of the world’s leading belly dance masters, and have wowed audiences here and overseas with their colourful and entertaining performances.

Servicing Brisbane’s best Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurants, the Sahara Dance Company offers spectacular individual, duo or group shows, ranging from the popular ‘1001 Arabian Nights’ fantasy bellydance and vintage shows to their amazing Folkloric and Gypsy shows as well as Bollywood and Latin.

Our dancers are skilled in the use of belly dance props, including Egyptian Shamadan (Candelabras), Isis Wings, finger cymbals, veils, fan veils, canes and swords. The Sahara Dance Company can take your audience on a journey to ancient Egypt, Persia, the Ottoman Empire and the Mediterranean!

The Sahara Dance Company regularly hosts workshops, classes, and hen’s nights and can offer entertainment specially tailored for government, corporate and multicultural clients. To find out more about our dancers click here. To discover our spectacular show packages click here.

Sahara Dance Company Professional Shows feature up to 10 dancers (solo/duo/troupe). Shows may range from 5 minutes or up to an hour (our most popular is 15-20mins) and can include any combination of floor show, meet and greet, rove, audience participation, and/or a workshop. Please contact us for a customised quote and a show that is specifically tailored to your requirements.

For professional solo, duo, or troupe performance bookings click here.